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Zero Food Waste Initiative launched in Leura

On November 25, Leura Garage launched the ‘Zero Waste Leura’ initiative, a year-long partnership between industry and government which seeks to make Leura the first village in Australia to eliminate all food waste in landfill.

Leura Garage already recycles all of their food waste with the help of “Chloe,” their Closed Loop organic waste composter which converts organic material into nutrient-rich soil improver and reduces waste volume by up to 90% in just 24 hours. The compost is passed on to Blackheath’s The Big Fix, which use it to assist with produce growth.

Owner James Horwath is working closely with UTS’ Institute of Sustainable Futures, EPA, Leura Village Association, and Blue Mountain City Council, with hopes to extend the trend to all businesses in the area.

NSW Government’s Your Business is Food program is providing information, resources, and advice to Leura businesses, and is working with a number of companies and councils, including City of Sydney Council. This is a terrific initiative and exactly what Australia needs to achieve a cleaner, greener future. We hope to see more hospo venues joining the revolution in 2021 – lower waste means a cleaner environment, higher profits, and steps towards a circular economy.

To register interest in the program, email [email protected]. You can also download the free Information Guide and Food Waste Review Form. It’s amazing to see hospitality trailblazers. 

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