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What Happens to a Compostable Cup when you throw it in the bin?

Compostable products are all the rage these days. But what happens to these items — including compostable straws, cups or plates — when they’re thrown into a landfill instead of a compost heap?

The answer is not as green as you might think. 

The composting process requires oxygen to be able to break down properly, but landfills are usually oxygen-free, airtight environments. Therefore, if compostable products end up in landfill, they will unfortunately not breakdown. So, whether it is a compostable cup, straw or lid, if it winds up in the trash, it will not be composted. 

Put it in the compost bin!

Most compostable plastic sold in Australia is meant to be broken down in an industrial composter, yet there is little information given to consumers about how to get these items to the right place. 

When compostables land in the correct place, they will be broken down into tiny pieces and have absolutely no toxic effect on plants and worms.

Therefore, all humans need to be making sure that the full life cycle of a product is taken into account when disposing of it. If we don’t do this, we are simply adding more unsustainable products in our environment. 

Our Sabert Pulp Home Compostable range is a truly sustainable solution because these pulp products will decompose in landfill! 


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