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5 Ways to make your hospo business more sustainable

Despite a challenging few years with the devastating bushfires and then COVID 19, Australians are still committed to living a sustainable lifestyle and are concerned about the impact of plastic of single use plastics on our environment.  

These concerns are increasing and do impact consumer behaviour. That’s why so many businesses around the world are quickly switching to a more sustainable approach to business.  

Here are 5 easy ways you can make your hospitality business more sustainable. 

  1. Choose sustainable packaging options. This is easy and cost-effective to do. Did you know that compostable packaging can be very cost-effective and it takes the ‘guilt’ out of your customers buying from you more often? View our compostable packaging products.

  2. In-house compost bins for organic waste and compostable packaging. Make it easy for customers to correctly dispose of their waste, including organic waste and compostable packaging. Find a composter here.

  3. Optional cutlery, serviettes and carry bags. Not all customers will need these so by making them optional you could save money and reduce waste. 

  4. Choose eco-friendly products. Opt for a tree-free Bamboo Toilet paper and washroom products (an easy way to fancy-up your loo too!). Choose to refill hand wash, sanitisers and cleaners as opposed to buying new, which is also more cost-effective. 

  5. Deliver food the old fashioned way. Could you deliver on a bike (even Uber Eats does this)? Or how about using an e-scooter, electric vehicle or an e-bike to save fuel and running costs.  

Being sustainable is not a novelty, it's a necessity.
Your customers don't just appreciate it, they expect it.

Article written By Caylie Honeycombe, Ecoware NZ.

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